Nonverbal Communication & Behavior

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Welcome to Nonverbal Communication & Behavior (NCBx)

People are constantly producing and perceiving nonverbal signals about their emotional, attitudes, and cognitive processes. Yet, the ability to detect and interpret nonverbal signals varies from person to person but nonverbal skills can be enhanced through education and practice.

However, improving nonverbal communication skills and knowledge does not grant an individual access to other people’s psyche or unconscious thoughts. The applied concepts of NCBx do not create “mind-readers” or “human lie detectors” but allow researchers, professionals, and consumers to make educated inferences about another person’s behavior and cognitive processes that can support personal and professional goals.

The content on this website is a reflection of an ongoing project that examines the scientific literature, theoretical frameworks, and concepts of NCBx accumulated over decades of research conducted by a wide range of pioneering and innovating scientist from various backgrounds and disciplines. Further, general information, discussions, and various educational and training services will be presented on through this website to assist individuals, groups, and organizations who want to increase their knowledge and improve their application of NCBx.